Peter Arnett

- O Peter Arnett acaba de ser promovido a meu herói. Vejam o statement dele que foi publicado no Daily Mirror (e quem disse que os jornais ingleses são menos isentos que os americanos?). Sintam o tom de desapontamento de um cara de tem pulitzer nas costas e anos de cobertura de guerra: I am still in shock and awe at being fired. There is enormous sensitivity within the US government to reports coming out from Baghdad. They don't want credible news organisations reporting from here because it presents them with enormous problems. I reported on the original bombing for NBC and we were half a mile away from those massive explosions. Now I am really shocked that I am no longer reporting this story for the US and awed by the fact that it actually happened. That overnight my successful NBC reporting career was turned to ashes. And why? Because I stated the obvious to Iraqi television; that the US war timetable has fallen by the wayside. (...)