Blogs e mais blogs

- Ainda no E&P, Ken Sands respondeu ao Carl Sullivan sobre os blogs e o futuro do jornalismo. Steve Outing said a year ago in an E&P Online column that every reporter, editor, and photographer ought to have a blog. He knew that statement sounded outlandish at the time (and maybe still is), but I believe he had a pretty good vision about where journalism is headed. At The Spokesman-Review, we think of a "blog" as a template, really, for publishing on the Web in various forms. The template allows frequent posting in reverse-chronological order with the ability to link. Sounds pretty simple, and it is very flexible. Our entire war coverage on the Web, for example, was handled with a blog template. In the past couple of weeks, I've given presentations on interactivity at two metro dailies. The staffs of both papers were excited about the potential for blogs, and both immediately began making plans for their own. I feel a little bit like the Pied Piper of blogging. I think that in the future, you will see that either: 1. Everyone starts blogging; or, 2. They will blog but call it something else.