The King of Planet Linux

cover11_11.jpg - Estampado na capa da Wired de novembro, Linus Torvalds é chamado Leader of the Free World. A reportagem é bem legal, conta como vive o famoso Linus, a esposa e as três filhas, a vida no escritório, os bastidores da programação do kernel do linux e como se construiu o maior projeto colaborativo da história. Até me emocionei e fiquei com vontade de instalar uma versão Red Hat no meu PC. :D

At 21, wearing a ratty robe in a darkened room in his mother's Helsinki apartment, Torvalds wrote the kernel of an operating system that can now be found inside a boggling array of machines and devices. He posted it on the Internet and invited other programmers to improve it. Since then, tens of thousands of them have, making Linux perhaps the single largest collaborative project in the planet's history. Twelve years on, the operating system is robust enough to run the world's most powerful supercomputers yet sleek and versatile enough to run inside consumer toys like TiVo, as well as television set-top boxes and portable devices such as cell phones and handhelds.