Blogs no Irã

- Artigo do NY Times fala dos blogs como alternativa ao controle da mídia no Irã e as dificuldades que o país enfrentará com a eleição dos conservadores para o governo do País. O medo é que a maioria conservadora no parlamento aumente o controle censor sobre o acesso à Internet no País.

Thousands of Iranian blogs have cropped up since late 2001 when an Iranian emigre in Canada devised an easy way to use the free blogging service in Farsi. Though several English blogs outside Iran are read by Iranians, the most popular ones are in Farsi and operated inside the country.

Blogs offer a panorama of what's whispered in public and parleyed in private. People vent, flirt and tell jokes. They skewer the ruling clerics with satire and doctored photos -- such as Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei donning a Western business suit instead of his usual turban and robes.

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