Computer Mediated Communication

- Voltando às coisas mais sérias, saiu na sexta-feira a nova edição do Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, que acompanho desde a época da minha graduação. Neste último, estão os artigos:

"Virtual Behavior Settings: An Application of Behavior Setting Theories to Virtual Communities" by Anita Blanchard

"Information Exchange in Virtual Communities: A Comparative Study" by Gary Burnett and Harry Buerkle

"A Lifestyle-Based Approach for Delivering Personalized Advertisements in Digital Interactive Television" by George Lekakos and George M. Giaglis

"How Attitude Toward the Web Site Influences Consumer Brand Choice and Confidence While Shopping Online" by Byung-Kwan Lee, Ji-Young Hong, and Wei-Na Lee

"The Influence of Anthropomorphism and Agency on Social Judgment in Virtual Environments" by Kristine L. Nowak