Dia Mundial do Rock

maiden.jpg - Em homenagem (atrasada) ao Dia Mundial do Rock, copiando a Gabi descaradamente, lyrics quiz pela primeira vez neste blogue. Abaixo, dez pedacinhos de letras músicas significativas na vida de Raquel. Adivinhe seus nomes e autores (não vale googlar!) e coloquem nos comments. Tudo fácil.

1. If you want it you're gonna bleed
But it's the price you pay

2. There's a million ways to see the things in life
a million ways to be the fool
in the end of it, none of us is right

3. And the night when the cold wind blows
No one cares, nobody knows.

4. And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die

5. He was turned to steel
in the great magnetic field
When he travelled time
for the future of mankind

6. Lighting the way we glide by
Catch me if I get too high
When I come down
I'll be coming home next year

7. You're a pill to ease the pain
of all the stupid things I do
I'm an anchor on the line
of a clock that tells the time
that is running out on you

8. And I swear to defend
And we'll fight to the end
And I swear that I'll never
Be taken alive

9. Under the sun
In a solitary world
I am running alone
Scars on my face
Weary hands from digging dirt
I was dying all alone

10. Where I was, I had wings that couldn?t fly
Where I was, I had tears I couldn?t cry