- Ótimo artigo de Ross Mayfield no Many-to-Many:

Bottom-up phenomena has accelerated in recent years because of social software. A relatively simple decentralized pattern of enabling more connections and groups to form has complex results. These results (for example: open source, the long tail, heterarchical organization, emergent democracy, wikipedia and participatory media) hold great promise. Bottom-up production is driven by social incentives, comes at a lower cost, realizes economies of speed and enhances quality through diverse and greater participation. Despite these benefits, Bottom-up phenomena is perceived as a significant risk because the dynamic of control is uncertain. But every risk has its rewards and can be managed if known.

O artigo fala do fenômeno botton-up nas redes sociais na Internet. Bons insights, boas idéias, falta um pouco de desenvolvimento. Mas vale a leitura, especialmente pelo debate em cima dos exemplos.