Bad Google! No donut for you!

- E o Cameron Marlow narra a frustrada tentativa (e pressão) do Google para colocar propaganda (Adsense) no Blogdex por causa do seu alto page rank.

This act strikes me as extremely uncharacteristic of Google, at least the old, fuzzy Google we knew and loved (or at least secretly loved). How could they overlook the fact that I had been directly contacted by someone when sending the second email. Even more puzzling, how could they attach a powerpoint presentation to their email?!? For a company that is dedicated to fighting spam, they don't seem to have good enough internal communication to stop from doing it themselves. A 400kb powerpoint presentation is worse than anything I've gotten from a legitamate spam operation.

Parece que temos que começar a tomar cuidado com o Big Brother e aprender a ficar invisíveis para os spams patrocinados pela máquina.