Aspectos Psicológicos do Ciberespaço

BookCover.jpgVia Giseleh, encontrei online o livro Psychological Aspects of Cyberspace, organizado pelo Azy Barak. Cada capítulo é escrito por um autor (muitos bem conhecidos, como o Sheizaf Rafaeli, que fala de cooperação na Wikipedia) e dá para debater os capítulos com os autores nos comentários. A proposta é bem interessante e vale dar uma conferida no livro.
The psychology of cyberspace, or cyberpsychology, is a new field of study. Fewer than a handful of universities around the world offer a course in this emerging area, despite the unequivocal fact that many activities today take place online. In this novel social environment, new psychological circumstances project onto new rules governing human experiences, including physiological responses, behaviors, cognitive processes, and emotions. It seems, however, that psychology gradually is acknowledging and accepting this new field of study, as more behavioral scholars have begun to research the field, growing numbers of articles in the area appear in psychology journals, and an increasing number of books related to this domain are being published. This change reflects not only the growing number of professionals who find interest in researching the new field but also the growing number of people – students and laypeople alike – who search for credible and professional answers in this relatively unknown and uninvestigated area of human psychology. (Introdução)