‪#‎DayoftheDoctor‬ - Something I made just to kill some time before the 50th. 
Whovians on Twitter... what are they talking about?
Data from +- 20 thousand tweets, gathered this morning. Analyzed with Gephi, NodeXL and Textometrica.



Interesting things:
1) Sorry Matt, but David appears way more than you. Dalek also appear more than you. I was hoping Paul would appear too (because of the mini episode and because I love him), but he didn't. Allons-y also appear, but not Geronimo.
2) BBCDrWho, BBCOne, and British Museum (???) are the nodes with higher indegree in the network. (Best event to collect data about how people interact with online media + TV!)
3) Note the happy words on the tagcloud. Fans are excited! (Hopefully Moffat won't kill someone important and drag everyone into a mad despair - Yeah, I wish)
4) Matt appear mostly in tweets that also mention David. BBC appears connected to words that mark the time of the event (tonight) as well as the event itself. BBCRadio also appears.

I was hoping to get more info about the expectations over the "event", but seems people are just talking about being excited and waiting for the episode. And, of course, David's return. Let's see what happens afterwards... 

(Depois posto uma versão em Portugues :-)